Production Increase

Description of the problem

A company with presence in Mexico and Spain. Asks Henko to make a diagnosis and intervention program to improve indicators both in Production Plant (supply chain) and in commercial processes. The critical indicators to be modified are percentage of decrease, quantity of non-quality events in finished product within PT warehouse, drop size per Sales Executive, percentage of portfolio recovery assigned to each commercial (up to 44 days late).

Henko Solution

Perform diagnosis through focus group, interviews, passive observation and gap analysis of processes, culture and KPIs. In conjunction with the client, critical steps were identified and they were designed and implemented:

Indicator Management Model

Warehouse Management and TPM

Reinforcement, Commercial Prospecting Plan and Effectiveness Measurement for Sale (aligned to targets, mix of sales and critical products), portfolio recovery plan (linked to commercial and administrative policies).

Communication, alignment and accompaniment to each Direction and natural equipment, with communication and intervention campaign.

First quarter project result

Decrease of 50% in PT quality defects and failures

Increae of 20% in drop size by executive in product lines with the highest contribution to the company 

Improvement of 50% in the mix placed (first domestic sales phase)

Portfolio recovery 35% on balances from 30 to 40 days late